10 – Weeks LIVE Group Class – Yoruba for Beginners

A 10-week training that gets you from zero to making basic conversations in Yoruba. Combination of 1-hour LIVE classes and course videos and text on your own dedicated platform.

The kids will love it!

Course TypeOnline

Duration10 Weeks

Schedule1 Hour /Week


Our courses are taught by expert teachers who are native speakers and passionate about cultural education.

This engaging and interactive class offers a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Yoruba, one of Africa’s most widely spoken languages, through a blend of lessons, multimedia resources, and live practice sessions.

Interactive learning through storytelling, songs, games, and arts and crafts.

Join us to explore the rich history, and contemporary relevance of the Yoruba language, all from the convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Schedule: Classes are held once a week after school hours on weekdays or weekends. Each session lasts an hour.

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Us Now

  1. State-of-the-Art Learning Platform: By joining our class, you gain exclusive access to our dedicated online learning platform. This innovative space provides seamless access to all your learning materials, including high-quality video lessons, ensuring a smooth and interactive educational experience from anywhere in the world.
  2. Comprehensive Learning Materials: Our course goes beyond traditional lessons. From day one, you’ll receive a variety of additional resources tailored to enhance your learning journey. These materials are designed to support your understanding and enable you to start speaking Yoruba confidently from your very first class.
  3. Effective Group Learning Environment: Embark on your language learning adventure alongside peers with similar goals. Studies have consistently shown that learning in a group setting is highly effective, fostering a supportive community where students can motivate each other and share insights, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  4. Continued Access to Learning Resources: The learning doesn’t stop at the end of your course. You will continue to have access to all the learning videos and materials for three months post-study, absolutely free. This extended access allows you to review lessons at your pace and solidify your understanding of the Yoruba language.
  5. Affordable Post-Course Access: After the complimentary three-month access period, you have the option to maintain access to our extensive library of learning materials and videos for a nominal monthly subscription. This ongoing access ensures that you can keep practicing and improving your Yoruba language skills, staying connected to the language and culture.

Curriculum Summary

Week 1 Introduction to Yoruba language – Familiarize with the Yoruba alphabet and basic greetings.
Week 2 Alphabet – Learn the A-B-D song
Week 3 Learn vocabulary related to family members and introductions.
Week 4 Expand vocabulary with names of common objects.
Week 5 Numbers (1 – 20)
Week 6 Learn adjectives and how to describe people and objects.
Week 7 Days of the Week and Months – Song teaching days of the week and months
Week 8 Talk about daily routines and activities.
Week 9 Story-Telling: Engage with traditional Yoruba songs and games.
Week 10

Interactive online quiz covering all the topics learned.


The fee for the course is £80 per participant (equivalent in your local currency). However, it is currently running at a discounted cost of £50 per participant. This covers all the course content and student support for the whole duration of the course. You also have additional 3 months of access to all recordings of classes and video lectures.

Enroll with 4 friends and the 5th joins FREE! For just £200, instead of £250, all five of you can embark on our 10-week Yoruba for Beginners journey together.

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Weekly Immersive Online Classes including videos and interactive sessions


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